15 years of experience in whitetail breeding business
"Licensed Whitetail Scientific Breeder"

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Whitetail Breeding Business

In 1999, after acquiring the Lower Palisades portion of the historic Gallagher Ranch from the McNeil family, Adams Land & Livestock added to their established Paint Horse breeding­ business the Trophy Whitetail Sales component. Foundation genetics were purchased from the great Texas whitetail bucks “Paco”, “Sal”, “JR”, “Primo”, “Tarzan”, “Y2K”, “Chigger”, and “Azul”. 

We obtained our Scientific Breeders license in 2001 and since have bred and raised such greats as “JR Mossback”, “Double Quatro”, “Loco”, “Llante”, “Green 11”, B-52”, “Duble”, “High Brow” and “Hard 8”.  We also enhanced our great Texas line with “Zeus” and “Gladiator”.  We specialize in 100% Texas genetics with wide, long tined racks.  All of our breeding bucks have drop tine genetics.  Use our hardy, naturally raised Texas Whitetail deer to build your own breeding operation or to stock your ranch.  Contact us to schedule a time to visit our ranch and state of the art breeding facility.

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